Spacewise and Wimbledon

As one of the UK’s most emblematic exhibitions of excellence the Wimbledon games have gained international attention for being the proving ground of sportsmanship, professionalism, and pageantry, which is why the people at Spacewise worked so hard when they supported this major tennis event during the Wimbledon Tennis championships of 2013. This event was as much about where it is held and who was in attendance, as it was about the games itself and Spacewise recognized the opportunity to cater to the majestic sensibilities of Wimbledon and the sensibilities of the fans of elite tennis in attendance. This meant that the right shipping containers had to be shipped to the staging area at precisely the right time, meaning that the technicians had to work hard to make sure that they were informing the event planners of their process and communicating with them thoroughly concerning the requirements and limitations of the shipping containers that they provided

Considering the aesthetic considerations of the patrons attending the event, as well as the very real demands placed on making sure that the focus was on competitors, the people at Spacewise immediately recognized the need for the temperature controlled and refrigerated shipping containers that would have the lowest noise output possible, so as not to distract form the games themselves. This also affected the broadcasting of the events, meaning the containers had to be silent for the sake of the microphones spread throughout the area, but they also needed to be placed inconspicuously so as not to draw attention

Wimbledon was filled with drama that year with Roger Federer and Serena Williams both attempting to defend their previous respective championships against Sergiy Stakhovsky and Sabine Lisicki in singles events. This was the challenge that the people at Wimbledon faced, and as they worked to ensure that every Championship is even better to the one prior, they also worked to ensure that the facilities were above reproach. Of course this was not the first year that Spacewise had been a part of the greatest event in Tennis. In 2012 they earned the trust and respect of the people at Wimbledon by accommodating the event with an impressive amount of shipping container units, which varied in configuration and purpose. In fact, Wimbledon even awarded Spacewise with an honorable mention and made sure that they called on the Spacewise team again the next year.

As the Wimbledon championships takes place during the summer, there was a high demand for cool drinks, and with an event that was bound to be filled to capacity, there was a very real need for certain facilities such as mobile WCs, and Spacewise stepped in to lend their support.